Branding :)

One thing i have learned is that out here in the commercial world is that while you want to versatile, it helpful if you don't look like you're totally all over the place design-wise. I have been on an ongoing search to find a logo that fits the cute art I like to do, kids art and the more serious illustration- all the sides of my artistic personality. i started with this logo a few years back- i love the playfulness of it but to me, it only showed my Kids art side...

logo- old

so then i started to evolve it to reflect my interest in more cute stuff but with a slightly more grown-up feel....i felt like it was getting there but i still needed to tweak it.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 8.32.31 AM

Most recently, I was working on a project and part of my sketches included stuff from vintage travel posters and luggage labels and after a few tweaks, i finally came to this version and it's my flavor of the moment :)

logo- new2

I think shows a bit of the playful, quirky stuff i love to render and it works with both Kids art looks and more serious pieces- it's where i am for now- we'll see where it goes :)  Maybe a new avatar? :)