By the Sea

Our second assignment for MATS Bootcamp in February was Wall art and designing specifically for wood- Our Mini was to sketch vintage china plates, specifically scenics - my mind went immediately went to plates that had the artwork of Brambly Hedge and i wanted to pay an homage to some of my favorite art. I made several sketches of my idea of scenics,  - i was on vacation when this assignment came out, so i was sketching on the beach and in my hotel room :) wood slice sketches- bunny scenes

I liked all 3 of my scenes, but i keep coming back to my happy place- walking on the beach so i decided to use my little bunny couple building a sandcastle as my subject. I wanted it to have a watercolor feel but still have the flexibility of the digital render so i decided to execute my piece using digital watercolor brushes based on a technique i have done before.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 9.50.30 PM

We were challenged to put our art on Wood, i didn't try to paint it due to time constraints but i was able to do a digital mock-up and here is my final piece. :)